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School Safety and Security – MITKAT

A safe learning environment is essential for students of all ages. Without it, they would be unable to focus on learning the skills needed for a successful education and future. There is an undeniable and increasing prevalence of emergency situations in schools, coupled with increasing severe incidents of school violence. Creating a safe school not only means eliminating threats to life and property from accidents or violence, but also sensitizing stakeholders and eliminating bullying, teasing, offensive touching and biases which are often precursors to larger incidents / events. A safe school creates an environment which allows students, teachers, administrators, staff and parents/guardians to interact in a positive, non-threatening manner. School safety and security is about care, sensitivity and protection. The overriding need is to maintain a conducive learning environment, which while providing optimum level of safety and security, remains non-restrictive and non-intrusive. The key to an effective safety and security program is an individual and collective sense of awareness and responsibility. This handbook, by MitKat Advisory Services, thus serves to provide school administrators and staff a quick check-list on essential measures to make the school a safe and secure place.

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