Global Association for Corporate Services is an association passionately driven by leaders in the field of corporate services across the globe. This is a forum of working professionals from across various sections of corporate services, providing Knowledge Management, Crisis Support and Networking opportunities to its members. In its larger role, this domain can provide governance support structure & guidance to various governmental / non-governmental organizations to ensure ease of doing business is more realistic & achievable.


Create an environment that compliments business infrastructure across geographies by actively engaging with the working professionals, and provides them an opportunity to enhance their exposure, experiene and knowledge. A platforms that helps them enhance their skillsets, encourages innovation, and supports career moves


To be the voice of corporate services fraternity supported by an active interactive platformfor professionals across the globe

GACS believes in the power of a collective & collaborative thought leadership, application of knowledge and implementation of decades of global experience. The association is a collection of individuals who bring to the Association their rich knowledge and skills which augment the knowledge and skills of the fraternity in order to enhance the domain.


Expertise by the dictionary is a person’s professional skill or knowledge that is acquired by training, study, or practice and are typically relevant to an industry or a specific field.

A single person’s expertise when utilized in an optimum manner can achieve organizational objectives …Imagine the power of collective expertise!

GACS was conceptualized with the collective thought of such experts from the Corporate Services Industry. Today, we are proud to have a global panel of appointed experts who have the capacity, capabilities and core competencies to provide opinions, disseminate knowledge, brainstorm particular issues requiring technical knowledge and expertise. These Experts apply their expertise across a diverse range of areas and could provide variety of informed/ expert advice and opinions to benefit the larger community and usher in excellence in the corporate world.   


The Board aims to leverage the vast pool of expertise and thought leadership to address the deeper underlying challenges, provide sustainable solutions and create the environment necessary for change to eliminate the problem; thereby impacting socio- economic, environmental, and other aspects critical for a facilitative and collaborative and sustainable environment. 

Advocacy is a service with a purposeful intention and GACS provides that platform where individuals/organizations can:

  • Express views, thoughts and concerns that impact a larger society, community and give it a voice
  • Leverage information & expertise
  • Prospect the options & alternatives available
  • Understanding the bigger picture, risk analysis and mitigating those risks
  • Arriving at an informed decision consensual and beneficial to all


The Advisory function stems from the fact that GACS has at its disposal a vast, rich and diverse knowledge base with several experts from the domain and the fact that the single vision is to work towards sharing knowledge to build better individuals and organizations who in turn would contribute to strengthen the fabric of the community by creating impact at every level and in every aspect of life.

The knowledge and skills pool at GACS is leveraged to augment the systems, policies and processes, provide innovative solutions by exploring new avenues and stimulate overall development. The basis of the advisory board is to provide existing knowledge, apply alternative thinking, analyse and proactively increase confidence of the people to take well informed decisions.