risk mitigation - security & investigation

As a part of the larger corporate infrastructure, the need to focus on the physical security and investigations is growing higher. Various legal framework around the work focuses on mitigating the Risk associated with the Physical Security at workplace. Personal Information and Financial data with regards to individuals, corporates and other entities adds to the challenge and risks faced during the transactions. 

  1. Clients have very specific security needs and security solution differ from an industry to industry.
  2. Vertical would draw on domain expertise and experience of senior professionals amongst members.
  3. Advise members on risk mitigation and security strategies.
  4. Publish data and case studies for members.
  5. Vet and empanel vendors/consultants and professionals.
  6. Be the voice of the industry and lobby with local authorities for improving employee safety and security.
  7. Advise members on managing incidents and developing long term solutions.

Maj. Gen. Hemant Joneja

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Manish B Datta

Advisory SAW

Purvesh Gada

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Diwakar Pandey

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Shekhar Mehta

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Lt. Col. Kumar Vikram

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