Travel Services & Hospitality

With the growth of businesses around the world, it is imperative that the professionals move around the globe. The world becomes one flat platform for the global organization & the risks associated with travel are eminent.
Corporates rely on various organization to feed them with intelligence around the travel & various business matrix related to ease of doing business. Governments around the world are keen to address the hospitality and travel issues for the globe trotters to ensure conducive business environment.

  1. Historically CS professions have been managing Travel/hospitality function whereas in the last few years travel has become a major spend in the industry and there is a need of experts in this field.
  2. Vertical draws on domain expertise of senior domain experts amongst members.
  3. Would collate data and trends from the industry and publish amongst members.
  4. Vet and empanel members from the industry to help members choose ideal partners.
  5. Negotiate special rates for members from leading empaneled vendors.
  6. Provide guidance on travel related queries to members.
  7. Publish special rates and offers from empaneled vendors amongst members.
  8. Provide members with both primary and secondary feedback from its database/surveys to members.
  9. Maintain a current database of opportunities for Travel professionals amongst member organizations and of travel professionals looking for opportunities.
  10. Be the voice of the industry and lobby on behalf of members with authorities for greater access and ease of travel.


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