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Getting India INC Back To Fitness

Even though India is a young country with a median age of 27 years, today’s lifestyle has led to a healthcare and fitness catastrophe. This in turn has been affecting the productivity of all corporates. Lack of robust corporate wellness programs is costing India Inc. extra $20 billion, an amount that most of us can’t even comprehend. That money could have been saved targeting as little as 1% reduction in employee absenteeism because of disease. Today we don’t die as young as we used to a few decades earlier, but that doesn’t mean our quality of life is any better, as a matter of fact, it is far worse. Lifestyle diseases like Cardio-Vascular (heart conditions), Cancer, Chronic Respiratory Diseases and Diabetes play havoc today, first by bankrupting you both financially and emotionally, and then by contributing to premature deaths in to
approximately quarter of Indians (30–70 years).

On top of that, courtesy social media, we are not even in touch with ourselves. Suicide was the leading cause of death in India in 2016 for those aged 15–39 years, i.e. both potential and current corporate employees. A reality we can’t anymore shy away from. The fabric of our society is falling apart. Usually policy papers on health and fitness are written by so called expert(s), passing a judgement on everyone, telling them how to live their lives without knowing anything about them.

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