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Digital transformation in work place

An efficient work place strategy integrates the key element of space design, company culture, HR policies and technology. Today’s workforce is virtually mobile, agile and collaborative. Work place strategy is a way to enhance work place ecology that delivers efficiency and productivity. Key drivers of work place strategy would be to create smart work place, connect people needs, achieve business objectives and create right environment for people to collaborate. In work place environment, the key to driving efficiency is by implementing Digital solution in business enabling spectrum. The genesis of work place management is to build motion & engine to drive agility, speed, knit innovative solution, thereby making infrastructure smart & intelligent through integrating work space that connect people needs through Digital solution. Globally business leaders across industry, looks up to Facilities Management Professional as an advisor for enabling and enhancing productivity and act as a vital data and information provider and not just services. Business operation analytics are the key business drivers for business to deliver out come to customers, there by transforming the enabling function through innovation to scale and create an ecosystem for business to scale. The key contributor for Digital Transformation in work place can be classified in to multiple digital stacks such as Standalone digital environment, personalized digital environment, integrated digital environment and market place digital environment. Every category in the broad spectrum of Facilities management that is on a transaction process needs to be transformed to Digital environment, thereby creating a 360 degree experience in the work place. The approach to Digital transformation in the spectrum of Facilities management can be implemented by creating horizontal frame work of bringing built infrastructure, asset services, collaborative & office integration, voice of employees and office work stream by digitizing the end to end business operation life cycle, thereby creating an Efficient Enterprise Operation. To drive the change within the organization for digital transformation, Facilities management professional has to constantly demonstrate blue sky thinking for value creation to business through initiative, innovation & integration to deliver digital work place environment.

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