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Facility Manager & Strategic Facility Planning

Facility managers need to understand what the organization’s business strategy is and what specific business initiatives it must accomplish to successfully carry out that strategy. Then they must find ways to leverage their facilities to support those business initiatives. They need to ask questions of senior management, stay connected and in touch. The C-suite doesn’t typically reach out to the facility manager until the strategy has already been developed or when the scenario has changed. So it is imperative that the facility manager be proactive and take the initiative to ask first instead of waiting to find out.
That’s what strategic facility planning is all about. After creating a plan don’t stop there. Remember, when the plan is done, the planning begins. Keep it on top of your desk as a constant reminder that things change, and you must adapt. Mention it in your staff meetings. Measure everything you do as an facility management organization against the basic principles set forth in your strategic facility plan—and then be prepared to change.

What are your thoughts? Is Strategic Facility Planning something you are practicing in your organization now or are there barriers that limit the ability to use this approach? Share the comments!

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