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Procurement – Next level expectations on major competencies

Time flies, procurement transformation kept on setting up demands. It’s time to think about still alive competencies in procurement and its expectations to approach the future much stronger.

Sourcing: The approach consists of country of choice, Total Cost of Goods/Services + Total Value proposition which make economic for buyers. Business expectations and demands are increasing to supply goods/services faster meeting global standards. Buyers will have to find new and acceptable suppliers to respond quickly to sourcing needs. It’s time consuming effort and essential investment to establish/develop supply source close to business. Thinking of long term perspective all those efforts sensible these days. Many reasons these days cost is not the only business deciding factor, overall end to end value proposition weighted before selecting right source, business effective point of view developing local supply source will work economic to stay competitive against the competition.

Supplier Qualification: Including qualification/selection criteria’s, process of evaluating and approving potential goods/service provider by quantitative assessment remains unchanged. The purpose of supplier evaluation is to ensure our supplier data base is strong enough with best in class suppliers readily available for our business need. These days creating value proposition also a part of business strategy, it

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