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Sustainability in Facilities Management

Sustainability is one of the Key KRA for Facilities Manager, the role and focus of Facility Manger is drastically changing from traditional building management functions to implementing sustainability practices in department where Facilities Managers are strategically more responsible towards the environment and the built environment to conduct their business successfully
Facilities Management is the department charged with managing the physical aspects and daily operations of a larger system and also committed to quality and competitive service.
Anticipate and provide sustainable practices, strengthen the physically built environment and organization are the prime focus of a facility manager, the Facility Manager is committed to projects that conserve resources in order to create a more sustainable Smart Green buildings and community.
The earth’s biosphere has evolved into a complex thriving sustainable system. In contrast, organizations are an unsustainable force that threatens the earth. In response to this trend, some sustainable-minded organizations are now developing policies to take them in a new direction. In this journey they realize that while the earth may have been created in six days, instilling good sustainability policy takes much longer.

Sustainable Practices � Every professional group and manufacturer has developed sustainable product standards or operational standards. The Facility Manager should monitor these efforts and incorporate these standards into the operation of the organization.
Environmental Regulations � The Facility Manager will usually find themselves helping the organization meet at least the minimal required standards on local hot issues. The Facility Manager can mediate between officials and administration and develop plans to solve existing environmental problems.

Monitor New Sustainable Trends � To positively react with the environment we live in, and the high cost of energy, organizations will need to constantly develop new sustainable methods. The Facility Manager can monitor these developments and apply the applicable trends to the organization.
When Facility Managers take the enterprise approach to sustainability it will help the earth sustain itself as a wonderful place to live. This approach will also help the Facility Managers to sustain their carrier and grow further in industry. All Facility Managers should leverage their technical and soft skills with Sustainability Management Knowledge, which will not only benefit their profession but also lay steps to future growth of carrier.

Start thinking towards sustainability, keep moving over, set objectives / Goals in areas of Energy Management, Water Management, Environmental Management, and more importantly, Waste Management, which most often neglected.

This is the scenario in outside world. We need to plan our self accordingly.

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