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Sustainability – Organic Farming

While it is known that industries and automobiles are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, the role of agriculture in climate change and sustainability has not been understood. For our rising populations, agriculture have to be healthy and sustainable. When chemical fertilizers were initiated for the soil, the topsoil got its manure, but its continuous use has become a menace for Mother Earth. Reminds one of the adage, the more things change the more they stay the same: with abundant use of these toxins, we have no option but to get back to organic manures. Commonly used fertilizer like Urea, release nitrous oxide, a dominant greenhouse gas, one kg of which causes as much damage as approx. 298 kg of carbon dioxide.

Time has now come when we need to focus on sustaining our society through organic agriculture and agricultural practices that are chemical-free, violence-free, and stress-free. Organic farming helps combat climate change by cutting down greenhouse gas emissions, provides healthy food for the rising world population and minimizes farmer suicides by reducing their dependence on farming inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides.

In the market, items ranging from spices to milk, vegetables and fruits are adulterated or unnatural. Through various measures, farmers are now being taught manifold effects that chemical farming has on soil and even on consumers. They have witnessed that without chemical fertilizers, incredible results are visible: crops have good height, shine, and smoothness. They are therefore coming forward to give natural farming a shot, cultivating their trust in organic techniques. With these techniques, our farmers will have a good output, save a lot with less investment, save plenty of water, and generate profits from farming. And most importantly, population will shine bright with naturally-grown food.

The supply chain is currently weak and needs a strong cold supply chain. There is little awareness among farmers about the current trends in agriculture, such as contract farming. This has the potential to boost sustainability in organic farming. Of late the government has initiated various measures to improve this. It is one field which is open and has the potential to take us back to a healthy life-style while ensuring that the poor farmer gets rich dividends for his hard labor.

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